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From the desk of: Justin Richards, and Alex Albert

Dear Marketing Friends,

You may be asking why we are offering such an incredible package at this low of a price, and you are right to be skeptical, but it's not what you think...

Well for one we want to help you as much as we can, but Alex and myself both have had some unfortunate events happen recently in our lives.

My mother had a stroke and due to the fact she can not get medical insurance because of being on blood thinner most of her life, medical bills are stacking up left and right.

Added to that, she can no longer work right now so other personal bills are also adding up, so I have taken on the obligation to help pay as many of those bill’s as I can for her.

If you are like me, family does come first and is my main priority my parents have given me so much as I was growing up (I’m now 24), so I want to be able to return the favor and help them for a change.

I Called A Friend...

So due to all the unexpected bills I have made an obligation to myself to help cover I need to earn some extra funds to do this with…so I called on my good friend, Alex Albert my partner from, and

He is a fantastic graphic designer and one of my best friends, but he also had some very unfortunate events happen as well...

Alex's son which had to undergo some major surgery due to a problem with his throat, so Alex is also trying to earn some extra money to cover medical bills and the high cost of getting his son the best specialist money can buy.

So, out of the need to provide quality medical care for our loved ones, and that's why we are bringing you this outstanding value today, if you act fast!


Kevin Riley

"Dammit Alex!

Don't you ever sleep. You just keep coming up with more and more of the slickest web templates. Talk about hot .. these simply sizzle. I love your style."

Introducing...30 Niche Mini-Site Templates, guaranteed to make

your website pop, and stand out from the pack!

Follow Me To Claim Your Package, Right Now...

You want something super amazing at an way more than affordable price… and don’t get us wrong we are not trying to sell you on a pity story, but we felt compassionate about letting everyone know our situations and what goals this package being sold is going to help us to be able to accomplish.

And we also wanted to let you all know so we could ask for you to please keep our families in your prayers.


Richard Wing


You never cease to amaze me at the professional graphics packages that you offer on a regular basis. You always seem to outdo yourself. It is refreshing to have a consistent source for my graphic solutions. Your packages not only benefit me by using them but I will go on record to say that I have made at least 30 times back in profits for each package I have ever purchased from you.

When I promote your packages they fly off the shelves!

Keep up the great work!

"Did you know that most graphic designers

charge $80.00 or more per mini site design?"

Yes, I know this is shocking but it's true, and most times, it's some kid from a 3'rd World country, trying to hustle a fast buck.

Trust me, these graphics, are brand new, professionally designed, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Yes, this is the perfect solution for internet marketers, niche marketers, or anyone who has a product online, you can spice up your websites by using these professionally designed, and fully optimized Niche mini site templates.

Now, we are just going to come straight to the point. We could have hired some fancy pants copywriter to fill you full of hot air, and hype, but we chose just to tell the truth, we are in a pinch, and we need your help.

Now if you were to go out, and pay $80 a set, for these high quality graphics, you'd end up paying more than $2,400!

We feel your pain, and we want to save you over $2,000, and here's the kicker...

Now you can claim 30 Niche Mini Site Templates for only$19.97

That is way less than $1.00 each and if you order right now we will even include 5 additional niche mini site templates FREE OF CHARGE!

That's right, we are going all out, on this offer, just for you.


Nathan Hull

Being a graphic designer by trade I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you are of the highest caliber when it comes to graphic design. Your template packages not only sell like hotcakes, they increase my conversion ratio drastically. Every time I use one of your templates my sales go through the roof.

Thanks a million Alex



So, let's review, when you claim your package, right now, you're gonna get...

30 fully HTML optimized niche mini site templates each with software box template button template and software box action script

5 bonus templates for ordering today giving you a total of 35 templates you purchase the personal rights to the 30 Niche Templates, you also get a higher commission rate than standard affiliates!

As our way of saying "Thanks for being a Customer!", we'll pay you 75% commissions on sales you refer. Those commissions are paid INSTANTLY to your PayPal account. Refer only 2 sales and you'll actually be making money on your purchase!"




Kathe Lucas

Hey Alex! never cease to amaze me!

I'm convinced you dream of website graphics in your sleep every night, to come up with so many variations.

All top of the line graphics - just keep 'em coming!

Thanks for all you do!

Kathe Lucas

Purchase yours today!

We challenge you to find a better deal on graphics, anywhere!

Thank you for considering our offer, we wish you and your family well.


Justin Richards, and Alex Albert



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